TE Connectivity Heat Shrink Tubing

Our heat shrink tubing products offer an effective and efficient way to reduce the manufacturing time and lower your applied cost when bundling and sealing wires. Our tubing is simple to install and improves the insulation, protection, sealing and organization of critical components. Additionally, our heat shrink tubing products come in an expanded state, which allows the tubing to easily slip over the substrate you’re applying it to.

When heated, the tubing conforms to the size and shape of the substrate beneath, enabling quick and easy installation and ultimately can keep out moisture, environmental chemicals and mechanical interference. Our equipment portfolio delivers the optimal heating temperatures and controls required for properly processing heat shrink tubing—and greater quality and performance in harsh environments.

To learn more about installing our heat shrink tubing and how it can be used in replacement of taping, potting and molding, click here to watch our heat shrink tubing installation video

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