TE Connectivity LM31 Pressure Transducer - low-cost, high performance

The LM31 Pressure Transducer is designed to be a low-cost, high performance liquid level sensor that is suitable for a range of applications. The LM31 incorporates a rugged stainless steel internal housing with a threaded PVC outer housing that is rugged and reliable for level sensing in water as well as harsh media. The LM31 is available in gage, absolute and sealed gage models and includes an internal ASIC for compensation and signal processing and provides a calibrated amplified output. With high performance in a small form factor, the LM31 provides a cost effective method for accurate level sensing in a variety of liquids.

Target Applications:

  • Rooftop Water Storage
  • Liquids in Factory Processing
  • Liquid Transport Vehicles
  • Sump Pump Operation
  • RV Water Storage Tanks
  • Livestock Water Tanks

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