Seeking for the exceptional service quality for our customers, we concentrate distribution activity on carefully selected list of manufacturers.
Elgerta is an official distributor of leading electronic industry manufacturers - Chilisin, Diotec, Gemalto, Hahn, Hirose, Jauch, Origin GPS, TE Connectivity, TDK, XP Power and others.

ELGERTA central office in Vilnius

Visori┼│ st. 2, Vilnius, 08300, Lithuania

ELGERTA office in Kaunas

Savanori┼│ av. 363 Kaunas, 49425, Lithuania

ELGERTA representative for Latvia

We are serving Latvian customers from Lithuania

ELGERTA sales sector in Tallinn

Kotzebue 8 Tallinn, 10412, Estonia

ELGERTA Polska sp. z o.o.

Mostowa ul. 1 80-778 Gdansk, Polska

ELGERTA Polska sp. z o.o.

ELGERTA Polska sp. z o.o.