TDK's new power capacitors for DC link app.

TDK Corporation Introduces New Series of Power Capacitors for DC Link Applications

TDK Corporation (TSE:6762) has launched a new series of EPCOS power capacitors designed for DC link applications. These capacitors can operate at temperatures up to +105 °C and handle rated DC voltages from 700 V to 1300 V. With an ESR range of 1.0 mΩ to 2.7 mΩ, they have a current capability of up to 110 A at +70 °C. The capacitors can repetitively withstand current peaks of up to 15.8 kA and have a service life of 120,000 h at the rated voltage and +75 °C – 35% more than the standard version.

The capacitors come in cylindrical aluminum cases with diameters of 85 mm or 116 mm and have a synthetic resin lid. They are RoHS-compatible and feature a metalized polypropylene film encapsulated with dry epoxy resin. M6 screw terminals ensure a secure electrical connection, while an M12 threaded bolt on the bottom side provides a secure mechanical connection.

These capacitors are well-suited for DC link circuits in converters used in renewable energies, rolling stock, and industrial drives.

For more information, visit www.tdk.com.

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