• Achieve an elegant luminaire design through a ‘Driver on Board’ solution
• Designed to meet the requirements of Zhaga book 12

TE Connectivity’s (TE) LUMAWISE drive LED holder type Z50 DALI-2 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) allows luminaire designers to remove driver boxes from spot and track lighting, creating a more aesthetically pleasing lighting solution. LUMAWISE drive LED holders bring integrated functionality to TE’s already successful Zhaga inspired, range of LED holders. Driver on board design incorporates DC/DC driver functionality into the LED holder providing a low profile constant current driver well suited for COBs used in spot and track lighting applications. Designed for 48VDC input, LUMAWISE drive LED holders work with a wide range of readily available constant voltage power supplies meaning powering multiple fixtures off a single power supply is now possible. The LUMAWISE drive LED holder Type Z50 DALI-2 can be controlled with the DALI protocol. DALI lamp fixtures are intelligent, dimmable and can be controlled, monitored and maintained using a two-wire global IEC 62386 open standards communication protocol. Design DALI control into your fixture today.

• Provide thermal and electrical connection to four different CoB sizes:- 16x19mm – 19x19mm – 20x24mm – 24x24mm
• Achieve design flexibility with an LED holder available with four different current outputs:- 350mA- 500mA- 700mA- 1050mA
• Obtain added functionality with DALI control

• Track Lighting
• Spot Lighting• Downlights

• Halogen free glass filled PBT housing
• FR4 circuit board• Copper alloy electrical contacts

• Dimensions: Ø50mm, 7mm height
• Electrical connection: 4-pin Mini CT connector 292228-4, mating connector flush with housing
• Mechanical connection: Mounting screws M3 or #4-4
• Torque: 0.4 – 0.6 Nm
• LED Outline and LES size: 24×24, Ø21.5mm20x24, Ø18.0mm, 19×19, Ø17.7mm, 16×19, Ø14.0mm
• Form factor: Zhaga Book 12 Inspired• CoB thickness: Nominal 1mm
• CoB types: Both ceramic or aluminium types• IP rating: IP20
• Mating cable assembly: DALI version: 1-2058943-7

• Standards:
IEC 61547
IEC 62386:101
IEC 62386:102
IEC 62386:207
• Product specification: 108-133109
• Application specification: 114-133109
• Environmental: RoHS and Reach compliant

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