Information for Elgerta partners regarding the company work during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Partners,

Please be advised that although the quarantine due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been announced, the movement of goods and the work of Elgerta continues!

In response to the emergency in the country and protecting the health of its customers, employees and their relatives against the risk of coronavirus, the company has taken all possible preventive measures to ensure the safety of its customers, employees and partners. The vast majority of office workers are already working remotely from home, while the necessary staff remain on-site to ensure delivery of goods from the warehouse would run as smoothly as possible.

All business meetings will be conducted remotely. You can contact Elgerta employees as usually: by phone, email, Skype, Teams or Viber. We are here to help and to give you important information. At the same time, we make sure that all our customers experience the least discomfort or loss associated with an emergency.

In the case of international transport, delays due to extensive checks and controls at foreign and border-crossing points are likely. Of all the countries, Italy is the biggest concern at the moment, and we are already seeing transport delays, but it will probably affect other countries we work with in the future. It is important to mention at this point that 75% of all transport in Europe is road transport and it is understandable that this is important for the European Union as a whole. It is likely that transport will continue to move normally as long as the bans are restricted to passengers.

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the changing situation not only in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland, but also in the world. Our main task remains to ensure the timely supply of electronic components and the continued fulfillment of orders and inquiries. We hope for your understanding.

Please take 90 seconds to view this short video on COVID-19 prevention measures recommended by the World Health Organization: https://youtu.be/1APwq1df6Mw

Protect yourself and your loved ones!


Elgerta Team

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