Discover the wide range of batteries with @Jauch Quartz!

As a leading expert in battery technology, Jauch offers an impressive portfolio of battery solutions for various applications. Let’s dive into the details:

» Lithium ion batteries: They are characterised by high energy density, rechargeability and versatility in mobile devices and new applications, and are equipped with a protection circuit that protects the battery from overcharging.

» Lithium polymer batteries: Their flexible design and the absence of a rigid steel casing enable a lightweight and

design-friendly end product, and they as well have an integrated protection circuit.

» Lithium thionyl chloride batteries: They are characterised by high energy density, low self-discharge rate and long

life, ideal for long term low power applications.

» Lithium manganese dioxide coin cells: Characterised by their high voltage, capacity, and long shelf life, making

them suitable for a very wide range of applications in many sizes and shapes.

» Cylindrical lithium batteries: They are versatile, offer a high voltage of 3 volts and are used in a wide range of de- vices such as cameras, medical equipment, and toys due to their long shelf life and low self-discharge rate.

» Lithium iron phosphate batteries: These batteries are a more environmentally friendly and safer version of the

lithium ion battery and are used in areas such as the military, electric mobility, and medical technology but they

are not rechargeable.

» NiMH batteries: A rechargeable and more environmentally friendly alternative to alkaline and NiCd batteries, offering more stable voltage and longer run times under heavy use.

Explore Jauch’s product portfolio of batteries and elevate your designs with power and reliability!

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