Enhancing Data Connectivity with TE Connectivity's ESM-10 Machine

TE Connectivity’s (TE) new ethernet cable stripping & crimping machine (ESM-10) improves efficiency, quality and is a cost-effective solution for ethernet twisted pair cable processing in data connectivity wire and harness applications. This machine offers cable loading, cable zero cutting, stripping, crimping and a vision inspection function.

The AI vision inspection feature can check the stripping quality, count the conductor’s number, re-align the cable position and assess the final crimping quality. If there is an issue with the wire or crimping quality, an alarm will notify the operator and unload the cable or stop to cut the cable.

This machine can offer flexible configurations covering different products, including MATEnet and GEMnet cable assemblies and can easily extend to future data connectivity products. This cost-effective, compact sized, one machine solution can cover full ranges of both coaxial and differential products while enabling a quick changeover time of less than 15 minutes.

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